Frequently Asked Questions

What type of grafts do you create?  How do you place the grafts? In rows or random placements?

We use ultra refined follicular units. The hair on all of our scalps is in natural groupings, one-hair, two-hairs, or three-hairs or very rarely four hairs together. These natural groupings are called follicular units. We use a feathering technique for follicular unit graft placement. The feathering technique with random placement creates a gradual natural transition by using fine single hairs in the hairline and 2 and 3 follicular units behind the single hairs. Since this is the way that our natural hair grows this technique avoids any detectability.

How long does the procedure take?

It depends upon how many grafts are required: usually a procedure for 1500 grafts would take 3-4 hours. If more than 3500 grafts are utilized the procedure would take about 5-7 hours. Extraction techniques can take a longer period of time to complete.

How long does it take before the hair starts to grow?

After the transplant procedure most of the transplanted hair goes through a healing phase of two months. After the initial 6 week/ two months phase the hair starts growing at the same rate as your non-transplanted hair. The average rate of growth is half an inch per month.

Will I have any scarring?

There is no scarring involved in the recipient area.  The donor area will have a linear scar with the FUT procedure and the FUE procedure will have a diffuse pattern of scarring.  All areas of the donor tissue extraction will produce scarring, as is the nature of healing.  There is no "scarless" procedure.  At NSHTS  we use state-of the-art techniques to minimize extraction and FUT scarring.

Can people see the incisions in the recipient and donor areas?

In the FUT procedure we DO NOT shave your head, so your existing hair will cover the surgical sites while healing.  Smaller FUE surgeries do not require shaving of the entire head.  Large FUE surgeries would require shaving of the entire donor area.

Will I ever lose the transplant hair?

The transplanted hair, for the most point, is permanent  if removed from the "Safe Zone" in the donor region.

How fast will the transplanted Hair Grow?

The grafts are trimmed before being transplanted. After being transplanted they look like the size of an unshaven face after a week. Within a few weeks most of the hair shafts fall out. The ultra refined follicular units, which are inside the scalp, go through a six-week process of a healing resting phase. After this dormant phase, hair starts growing from these units, and will grow for the rest of your life. At six months there will be a noticeable improvement in your hair growth and the new hair will continue to thicken and grow for up to 12-14 months.

How many grafts can be placed in one procedure? How many grafts will I need?

The number of grafts placed depends on the degree of hair loss, desired density and as well as the donor laxity/donor hair quality.  Usually the range of grafts placed in one procedure is between 200-4000 grafts.