6,387 FUT and FUE Grafts

46 year old who had 6,387 follicular units transplanted. FUT and FUE procedures were utilized to restore his hair loss with the benefit of taking all transplanted hair from the “safe zone”. The first two procedures were taken from the mid donor “safe zone” leaving the rest of the donor area with its’ normal density. 5377 FUT grafts were obtained with the 1st two procedures.

The patient desired more frontal density, so 1,010 FUE units were harvested using a manual & motorized Safe System 1.0 & 0.8 mm. punches. It is important that patients understand the proper expectations of their hair loss over the years, so an in depth consultation with their hair transplant surgeon is needed to make wise choices. Patients are not always happy with one procedure, but if there is proper planning of their hair loss, based on familiar patterns…, they can make the appropriate hair restoration decisions. I will post follow-up photos at 6 &12 months post-op. Photos shown are pre-op before the 1st procedure, post-op after the 2nd procedure and immediate photos after the FUE procedure. FUE grafts in place 7 days post-op, including the donor region are shown.