Dr. Keller is specializing in FUE as well as FUT

FUE: ( Follicular Unit Extraction) A process of transferring follicles from donor to recipient area by decreasing density of the donor region.

With FUE, the formation of multiple scars are spread out rather than forming a linear scar.  FUE is advantageous in younger patients- usually with hair loss classes of 2 or 3 and possibly early hair loss 4.  FUE is another tool to add density for patients who have had previous FUT procedures and lack laxity in the donor region.  Scar repair in the donor area can be achieved with FUE.  FUE extraction sites heal quicker in the donor region, (the recipient sites heal the the same as FUT) .  After the first FUE procedure a patient can usually wear a shorter hair style than FUT (as graft extractions progress with future hair loss this is not an advantage).  Dr. Keller uses the manual extraction technique and the motorized SAFE System to perform FUE extractions.