Surgical Hair Restoration

The concepts of hair transplantation utilize permanent, genetically programmed hair from the back or sides of the head, (donor region), and meticulously redistributes them into receptor sites ultra refined follicular units or extraction units. Ultra refined follicular units range from one to four follicles per graft. At North Shore Hair Transplant Specialists we believe that the transplantation of hair is more than surgery. It is an art. We use a feathering technique by placing the fine, single hair grafts at the front of the hairline, and then placing two or three hair grafts towards the back to add density and fullness.


The cost of the hair transplant procedure varies depending on how many grafts are needed, if it is corrective surgery and if FUT or FUE is performed. We offer a complimentary consultation, during which Dr. Richard Keller will evaluate the area and suggest the number of recommended grafts. Patients receive the best value for excellent quality and outstanding services. The results are astonishing and well worth the cost.


ACell's MatriStem products are FDA approved for the treatment of a wide range of regenerative and tissue repair applications in wounds and surgical soft tissue repair. Dr. Keller uses ACell to assist in the healing process in the donor and recipient areas during the hair restoration procedure.



  • Restoring Natural Hair for Men and Women
  • Corrective Surgeries For Improper Transplants Performed Elsewhere
  • Corrective Surgeries For Restoring Post-facial Surgery, Sideburns, Frontal Hairline and Eyebrows
  • Corrective Surgery For Trauma And Burn Patients
  • Single Hair Feathering Technique For Thinning Hair